Andrea Fajgerné Dudás statement

In my art, I deal with the marginal issues of female existance. I invest myself in playing women’s traditional roles, I create performances and paintings while I am knocking down (destroying) the patriarchal roles of our society with all my choices of provokative and embarassingly intimate matters and taboo topics. I declare myself a woman artist and a feminist artist who take on traditional female roles and voices taboo topics such as infertility and artificial insemination.So after my marriage, according to the traditional Hungarian naming conventions, I took my husband’s name as a radical artistic gesture (Mrs. Fajger, in which the suffix -né denotes belonging to a man), which I have used as an artist’s name ever since. I took my husband's name according to traditional Hungarian custom, which I interpret both as belonging to a man and an artistic statement. In 2009, when I bought Frances Borzello’s book entitled Femmes au Miroir in Paris, I decided that women painters and forgotten female artists would be given a prominent role in my art. To this end, I constantly reinterpret them, incorporate their work into my practice, and my goal is to make them part of our collective memory. Unfortunately, in Hungary, few books have been published about women painters, and there are hardly any books about women painters in universities. Their stories are not known. I would like to make up for this. In my art, I was inspired by Hélène Cixous’s writings on female language and speech, which incited her to find her female voice. I deal with the marginal issues of female existence. Women need to be invisible to do the creative work necessary for their career and fulfillment. As a white, middle-class woman from Central-Eastern Europe, I am aware of my situation, my life is underdeveloped compared to the West, and nonetheless, it is happy and calm for third-world countries. I am in an ‘in between’ situation like my painting is situated between figurativity and abstraction. In today’s Hungary, there is a national- conservative concept according to which a woman’s place is at home, in the family, in the kitchen, and in the household with the children. In conclusion, I attempt to pursue the career of a professional artist in which I can stay true to myself while being a wife and a mother of two and try to reconcile the career-parenting-household triad. I aspire to maintain equal relationships and do my best not to become oppressive.


2006-2011 Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest, Master of Painting, HU

2010 Hochschule für Bildende Künste, Dresden, Malerei, GE

2013-2017 The Doctoral Programme of Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest, HU

2023 completed a DLA ( Doctor of Liberal Art) doctoral degree


2009. Erasmus Prize-Dresden, HU and GE

2010. Ari Kupsus Art and Society Prize, HU

2011. Best of Diplom, HU

2012, 2016, 2017, 2021 NKA Art Prize, HU

2013. Artist in residence, quartier21, Museum Quartier, Vienna, Erste Foundation, AT

2015. Gyöngyös City Art Award, HU

2016 Wonder Women Prize, Gender Conference, Szeged, HU

2018 Budapest Gallery artist in residence, Wien, Alte Schmiede Kunstverein, AT

2018 Hungary Emerging, HU and USA

2021 STRABAG artaward Jury Preselection AT

2022 Catalist Prize, GODOT of Contemporary Art, HU

2023 STRABAG artaward Jury Preselection AT


From 2009 Studio of Young Artists’ Association

From 2011 Association of Hungarian Artists

From 2021 Secondary Archive


2010 Ari Kupsus Art Collection

2013 K&H „művészet egy jobb, teljesebb világért” Contemporary Art Collection

2013 The Art Collection of Erste Foundation

2021 The Collection of Savaria Museum, Art Gallery of Szombathely

2023 The Collection of Kiscelli Museum

From 2010 Works in Private Collections in Austria, Hungary and Finnland



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Hungary Emerging exhibition, Lincoln Center, New York, USA

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